New Social Sales Model

How does social selling differ from relying on my website or a few social media sites to increase sales? Understanding what Social Selling ‘is’ and ‘is not’ will help your business to start crafting a social selling strategy. No matter you are selling ‘business to consumer’ or ‘business to business’ (or both) you need to have a plan to capitalize on the economic power that lies within social media. Delivering fresh, high quality content across your social media platforms is the key to creating interest in your company that customers will want to engage with you about. If you need help or want an assessment of your current social selling program for your service or green industry business, drop us an email or call us 800/820-2590 today.

For a quick visual overview on sales and social selling enjoy this slideshow from Barb Giamanco at Nimble:

[slideshare id=35388099&doc=randomrantsaboutsales-140602093445-phpapp01]

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